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This article introduces readers to bytecode generation and shows how to inject generated bytecode into a JVM runtime. After reading this article generating a Java class won't be any harder than creating an XML document with the DOM API. Over last couple of years, bytecode generation has gained significant momentum. Many tools generate bytecode instead of source code to obviate the compilation step and simplify the injection of generated code at runtime. There's a number of bytecode-generation libraries with BCEL (Byte Code Generation Library) being the most renown and probably most powerful. It's used by tools such as Xalan's stylesheet compiler and Mercury Interactive's Topaz J2EE Probe. Bytecode vs Source Generation You may ask: "Why bother with bytecode generation if I can produce Java source?" Ultimately, it's your call what technique to use. For example, some ... (more)

SQL Compiler (for Java)

This article describes a SQL Compiler tool (SQLC) that generates Java classes from SQL statement and table metadata. In doing so SQLC decouples Java and SQL code and enforces a clear separation of concerns between database and Java code and division of labor between data modeler and Java developer. The article also ruminates about SQLC, O/R mapping frameworks (taking Hibernate as an example) and plain JDBC applicability in different contexts. IntroductionRecently I worked on a Java application and needed to do a lot of database interaction. I didn't want to use plain JDBC for obvi... (more)